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Small Petits

Club Des Millionnaires

Today, Club Des Millionnaires is synonymous with quality and value -- and the name that has made our small fish into big sellers. With almost a century of superior taste, nutrition and reputation, our current line-up of seafood products is the choice of Canadians nationwide.

Our best-selling product line and a recognizable Canadian brand classic, more than 2 billion of our finest Small Petits have graced the tables of Canadians since the 1920s. The package design represents the history and tradition of a brand name and slogan "Fish She Is Very Small" -- that still ranks among the best known on Canadian grocery shelves.

This product is caught in Northern European waters (as is our Billionnaires product -- see below) and are slightly smoked before canning.

Mediterranean Sardines

Also under the Club des Millionnaires brand, our Mediterranean Delights are sardines from the Mediterranean area (Spain, Portugal and Morocco).

Skinless and Boneless

Years ago, we imported this product because we felt that North Americans as a rule are not big fish eaters. They liked fish and knew how nutritious it was, but they did not want to eat something that looked like fish. By removing the skin and the bones (bones are actually good for you [calcium] and eatable, like in salmon), we created a product that gave the consumers a great tasting sardine product without the look! Now it is one of our top sellers, for over thirty years.

There is an uniqueness about this product, not only due to the skinless & boneless aspect, but rather, because it is very difficult to source. It requires a lot of hand labour; a machine removes most of the skin and bones but human hands must clean the rest off. Many packers of sardines do not want to incur this expense. Fortunately, our Buyers in Europe are able to persuade a few packers to produce this product for Millionnaires. This is why you will not find many, if any, tins of skinless & boneless sardines under other brands, other than Millionnaires that is.

Plain Sardines

While our most popular products in this Sardine category are the Skinless and Boneless varieties (Sunflower Oil, Water), we also have a Plain Sardine which is the Skinless and Boneless Sardine before the skin and bone have been removed. Some sardine connoisseurs claim the Plain Sardines are tastier because anytime a natural product is processed, it loses some of the taste and nutrients that are naturally present in the product. The Plain Sardine still has the bone and skin as the Sea offers up to the fishermen so one gets all the nutrients that have been created naturally, and the taste.

East Coast Sardines

Now we have a new up-to-date label for our Millionnaires East Coast Sardines (Atlantic herring). This label has gone from a litho label (printed on the tin) to a cello overwrap label that provides more space to give you more information and make it easier to read. The big addition is our Nutritional Facts on the back. Now, you can see how good are Millionnaires East Coast Sardines.

Same great taste, now you can read how healthy you are eating!

“Why are there different Sardines?”

“A sardine is a sardine is a sardine” could not be further from the truth (click here to see a visual explanation as to why there are different sardines).

Sardines are different due to species; quality; number of sardines in a tin; oil or sauce packed in; smoked or non-smoked; price. All these aspects present many choices for the consumer. In each choice there may be a choice in brands; this is where a reputation like Club des Millionnaires has earned over the decades helps the consumer in selecting the best of the type of sardine they wish to buy.

At Last! A Healthy Snack Food!

But don't just eat sardines because they taste delicious on their own or in sauces. Or even because they offer such quick and easy menu solutions. For great taste isn't the only thing you will enjoy. Great nutrition is an added benefit. We all know that eating fish is good for you. But Millionnaires Sardines are one of the healthiest fish or foods that you can eat! Besides many of the vitamins, protein, minerals and calcium you may require in your daily diet, sardines also contain the miracle of Omega 3!

The Miracle of Omega 3

Sardines are an important source of Omega3 fatty acids, which combat hardening of the arteries among other extraordinary health benefits. In The Omega Plan (Toronto: HarperCollins, 1998), Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D. and Jo Robinson advise, "Don't overlook sardines... They contain the most omega-3 fatty acids of all the fatty fish... Look for those packed in olive oil, canola oil, mustard, or tomato sauce." That's how Millionnaires sardines are processed (and there's also a water-packed product). Because they're pressure cooked, their shelf life in the tin is virtually unlimited. Remember too that oils present in sardines are polyunsaturated - very high in "good" cholesterol.

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